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  • Firstly, Get an instant cash offer for your junk car.
  • Secondly, We’ll pick and tow away  your junk car for free of charge!
  • Moreover, No matter how good or bad your car may be, you will get an offer from us to buy it!
  • In addition, We are Atlanta’s top junk vehicle removal specialists
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Please call us: 678-357-5691

 How much can I get for my Junk Car ?

The how much is my junk car worth in Atlanta Georgia depends on many factors.” In short, that is difficult to answer. To sum up, the value of a junk yard depends on many things and factors. Some elements are year of the vehicle, Brand of the car, even the condition. A completely crashed car with a good engine, may have a better value than a clean car with no engine.

In addition to year you must also consider the brand. The Chevrolet Impala lost 66.2% of its value over a five-year period. However, The Jeep Wrangler and the four door Wrangler Unlimited, with a low rates of depreciation.

What do you need to sell your Junk car?

The primary condition is Title of the vehicle. Therefore, the person on the Title must be the one performing the transaction.  On the other hand, in the case of SALVAGE certificates, you can also sell your totaled car.

Junk Yard Invoice Atlanta

Certainly, we will always provide a receipt of the sale transaction.  In conclusion, the receipt will held you free from any liability related to a ticket, accident or whatever issue may arise after you release to us the vehicle.

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I have no Title. Can I sell my Junk Car?

In the same vein, Not all conditions are the same. That is to say, most of the time you will need a Title or a Salvage Certificate. For instance, if there is no Title, any type of document that shows ownership of the vehicle will do. For example, salvage certificate.  Above all and most importantly, we definitely need your Id card and any info that links you to the ownership of the vehicle. In conclusion, We have to evaluate all conditions in order to determine if we may or may not buy the vehicle.

We cover all cities in Fulton County Area.

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